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Together, we plan an optimal coaching-journey for your Team, with respect to your objectives.

Our experienced Coach will then observe each Representative in well-determined live situations (phone, visit, meeting, presentation) with Clients/Prospects.

Over the last years we also - and succesfully - focus on Personal Coaching for Managers and/or Teamleaders : more than 30 years of coaching-expertise enable us to be highly effective in this respect !

Detailled Reporting will lead a highly effective debriefing of the 'Coachee', keeping his/her direct Manager accurately informed in real-time through our M-scan dashboard.

A coaching-journey is very often composed of a number of individual coachings over a period of 3 to 12 months.

The M-scan dashboard allows everyone involved to keep track (online) of progress of the journey.



The Mindstretch Method